Polycarbonate Gazebo Shed

Quick Details

  • Sail Material: Polycarbonate
  • Operation Method: Manual
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Customized
  • Sail Finishing: PC Coated


Product introduction  
This Arch Patio Cover is designed for veranda, porch or any places you want. It can be used for a private carport or a pergola for relaxing, also can be used for a public carport or a meeting point.
Flexible custom fit height, leg depth and distance match almost any patio outline. Made of high-grade aluminum and high performance polycarbonate sheet, the product is easy assembly and free maintenance.


1) High strength Aluminum alloy frame/aluminum alloy 6061T6/electrostatic/powder coating

2) The Polycarbonate board is a Energy saving and environmental protection material, 10 years guarantee

3) Connecter with Hot-dip galvanized steel insert


1. Frame: Black, White, Coffee, Champagne

2. Roof cover: Transparent, Black, Coffee, Blue


Length Width Hight
158/230/306/380/455cm 200/250/300/350cm 230cm


1. Elegant appearance

2. UV-protection, Flame retardant, Waterproof and weatherproof, resistant to corrosion.

3. No piller in the middle of the structure, you can use the space fully, it’s convenient for parking.

4. Self-cleaning ability, it can always keep the roof cleaning

5. Heat protection and dustproof


1. Avoid the raining and self-cleaning

2. UV protection

3. Inhibit temperature rise inside the car

4. Frost and snow protection

5. Rust and antiscale protection

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