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Garden Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Mini Hobby Greenhouse With Pc Panels And Aluminium Frames

Also Called:

*Green House

*Storage Sheds

*Flower House

Product introduction

Still worry about where to park your flowers & potting? Aluno offers an excellent solution for you, bring you an fantastic,
high quality and easy DIY greenhouse nearby your house. Made of strong aluminum(1.5mm/2.5 thick) and
solid polycarbonate sheet (4mm/8mm/10mm thick), allows 10 years guarantee. keeps your plants away from sun radiation, rain & snow.

Materials: aluminum frame, solid polycarbonate sheet, stainless steel bolts & nuts.

High performance characteristics

1. Materials:

— High strength solid polycarnate panel with 4mm/8mm/10mm thick.

— Allows 8-10 years guarantee.

— Impact resistance: Polycarbonate panel when the impact strength of 250 times of common glass.

— Flame retardant: according to the national GB8624-97 test flame retardant B1 level, no fire, no poison.

— Temperature resistance: Within the scope and -40oC to +120oC degrees Celsius, no deformation or degradation phenomenon.

— Green, Silver colors available, or customized color.

2. Aluminum Frame:

— 1.5-2.5mm thick aluminum frame, strong & steady.

— Allows 15 years guarantee.

— Arch design to reduce rain splashing and snow, with water down pipes.

— Easy clean and maintenance.

— Snow load capability: 20cm.

Features and Benefits:

① Protect your plants from wind, rain and snow: It reduces rust and dist, and lasts the life of your plants.

② Clever design allowing sinple installation using our quick smart assembly – reducing assembly time by over 40%.

③ Full horizontal side wall bracing, ridge & eave bracing.

④ 2 opening roof vents – Extra heavy duty.

⑤ Concrete anchoring & earth anchoring options available.

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