Bronze Louvre Frame with 6 Inch Aluminum Clip

♦ Pulling Bar Revealable Model

♦ Durable Quality & Good Ventilation

♦ Stylish and Elegant Appearance

♦ Shipping & Loading Advise Can Be Offered.

Model No. SF-400D6
Frame Color White/Black/Champagne/Silver/Dark Brown
Thickness 1.0 / 1.2mm
Surface Treatment Powder Coated / Anodized, Others
Material Aluminum / Steel
Size of the frame 45*13mm
Clip Material PP / Aluminium / Steel
Color White/ Black / Gray / Silver/Dark Brown
Surface Milled / Polished / Anodized
Size 6″
Applied Blade Thks. 5 mm
Handle Material PP / Aluminum / Steel
Color White / Black / Silver/Dark Brown
Remark: Accept Special Request As Extended / Thicker Edition



1. Features and Benefits of Bronze aluminium window frame

(1) Solid frame channel in durable powder coated, electrophoresis and anodised coating in different colors.

(2) Clip made from high quality aluminum/plastic/steel are available for accommodating 4″ width glass.

(3) The angles of window blades can be adjusted to desired ventilation demands.

Ps: Advantages of Louver Windows

(1) Twice as wide as regular windows to maximise ventilation while it is fully open;

(2) Allow fresh air into your home in raining days which is ideal for tropical climate and fresh air fanatics;

(3) Amount of airflow through it can be precisely controlled;

(4) Can be cleaned from the inside of the building (big advantage in multi-floor buildings);

(5) Combine the needs of stylish appearance, better sunshading and excellent ventilation control…


2. Applications

(1) Residential buildings, Commercial office, Conference hall, School, Hospital, Stadium;

(2) Ventilation Breezeway, Gallery, Verandas, Ventilate sheds, Garages and Greenhouses;

(3) Replace old windows or Install as new windows for traditional houses;

(4) Easy to install while saving cost for having a new window scenery for new buildings…


3. Why Aluno?

Aluno Only Supplies Reliable Product.

(1) Years of experience in exporting louvre frame to at least 30 countries;

(2) Professional trading team to provide reliable service to save time;

(3) Offer the most reasonable and competitive price as factory directed;

(4) Provide high quality accessories and professional design for product;

(5) Provide professional and fast delivery schedule advise and service;

(6) Well-received packing and shipment to avoid unnecessary troubles;

(7) You can have our outstanding after-sale service in anytime!

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