Acoustical Louvers

Key Features & Benefits

• Design Flexibility.

• Hurdle free installation.

• Architecturally aesthetic appearance.

• All sizes are custom fabricated to meet project requirements.

• Swift delivery upon 100% Production confirmation & drawing approval.

• Customized material selection with galvanized or aluminum construction.


Also called :

  • Acoustical Louvers
  • Aluminum Acoustic Louvers
  • Industrial Acoustic Louvers



Aluno Acoustic Louvers are effectively restrict the transmission of high and low frequency sound energy produced by the operation of mechanical equipment of building openings.

Outer Framework: made of 2.5mm thick extruded aluminium panel.

Louver Depth: 100, 150, 200 and 250 depending on application & nature of project.

Louver Blade: 50mm thick. Louver external blades are made of aluminium, positioned at 45°Angle. Exterior surface with 1.2 mm thick perforated aluminium panel.

Acoustic In-fill: Each Blade,Top and Bottom frame cavity are filled with organic mineral wool or fiberglass acoustic insulation of 32-35 Kg/M³ density, to absorb the transmission of sound.

Typical Modules Sizes: 1220mm wide / 1800mm wide and/or 2000mm / 2400mm high,

multiple modules can be assembled on-site.

Backing for Structure: Stainless Steel Mesh

Options for Finishes: available in a wide range of colours and finishes,including powder coating and PPG PVDF painting.

Acoustic Louver Applications

• District Cooling Plants/Towers.

• Electrical Substations.

• Power Generating plants.

• Healthcare & Hospitals.

• Offshore & Onshore.

• Chemical treatment plants.

• Aviation industries.

• Fresh air intakes for ventilation systems.

• Generator Rooms in Commercial & Industrial Sectors.

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