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  • History of Shutter

    Shutters have had a long history of protecting windows on the outside but they were originally designed for the inside of a home. Today we have many choices. THE FIRST SHUTTERS CAME BEFORE GLASS WINDOWS 500 years ago in Tudor England of Henry VIII and during Elizabeth I’s reign (1558-1603) it was common for homes to have shutters. These were made of solid wooden boards. They were a little odd by today’s standards, as they were designed to only cover the lower half of the window opening. Glass was a luxury, hard to get and relatively expensive, so usually only the upper part of the opening would have a glass pane. The shutter would be opened to let in light and air when needed. It was a simple task of folding the panel against the inside wall. They were often a feature and decorated individually. A bar would be placed across the panels when shut for security. It wasn’t till the 1700s that people began to install two glass windows in the opening, double hung like the Federation style we are familiar with. With this improvement shutters grew to cover the full height of the opening. Up to this time […]

  • What to Choose?

    TIMBER OR ALUMINIUM – WHICH SHOULD I CHOOSE? One of the most frequent questions asked by consumers looking for new window shutters is: “What’s the best material; timber or aluminium?” Timber – the pros and cons Timber offers an authenticity and warmth that is hard to replicate through other materials, and works particularly well if stained to enhance its natural appearance. For heritage homes or even modern homes designed with timber as a key feature, real timber shutters are a must. FSC certified timber such as Phoenixwood, from the botanical species known as Paulownia Fortunei and White Teak, from Gmelina Arborea, also offer the right strength and durability to create timber shutters that will last a lifetime. Why aluminium? Aluminium shutters do also offer important benefits, such as for exterior usage for shading on the outside of windows, or privacy for outdoor rooms. When treated with a high quality powdercoat finish they will last many years, and their strength and durability make them ideal to enhance the security of your home. A relatively low maintenance option, aluminium shutters can be treated in a great range colours, including light or dark timber effects. When closed, good quality aluminium shutters are highly […]

  • Home Improvement

    INCREASE YOUR LIVING SPACE WITH SHUTTERS Exterior plantation shutters are a great cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and practical way to add a living area. Creating an outdoor living sanctuary with exterior shutters minimises the cost of the extension and, as land and block sizes shrink, is a perfect space maximizing option. Additional living space can be achieved without having to extend the footprint of your home. Sunrooms, patios, porches and pergolas screened with exterior shutters create outdoor environments with an indoor feel, usable for most of the year. Consider these benefits when using exterior shutters for your outdoor living space: Achieve privacy from neighbours Protection from the elements – sun & wind Fantastic airflow and blade positioning Security protection with locking options Streamlined contemporary appearance You can be sure that exterior shutters – both timber and aluminium – will continue to grow in popularity as the focus on outdoor living options continues to rise.